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List of Memoranda 1998, nos. 1426 - 1480

1)  First Column is Hyperlink to Abstract
2)  P* in the second column is a hyperlink to the freely available publication in .pdf format;
     P denotes a .pdf file which is only accessible on the internal site;
3)  R* (F*) in the third column is a hyperlink to a revised (final) version.)

No: P  



1426     B. Maschke, A.J. van der Schaft Note on the dynamics of LC circuits with elements in excess
1427 P*   T. Bhme, H.J. Broersma, H. Tuinstra A note on a conjecture concerning tree-partitioning 3-regular graphs
1428 P*   S. Zhang, X. Li, H.J. Broersma Heavy paths and cycles in weighted graphs
1429     H. Lu Asymptotic rate of convergence of a generalized SOR method for Hermitian positive definite matrices
1430     D. Bauer, G.Y. Katona, D. Kratsch, H.J. Veldman Chordality and 2-factors in tough graphs
1431     E.A. van Doorn, P. Schrijner Analysis of random walks using orthogonal polynomials
1432     C. Hoede, X. Liu Word graphs: The second set
1433 P*   H.J. Broersma, X. Li Isomorphisms and traversability of directed path graphs
1434     D. Bauer, L. McGuire, H. Trommel, H.J. Veldman Long cycles in 3-cyclable graphs
1435     B. Maschke, R. Ortega, A.J. van der Schaft Energy-based Lyapunov functions for forced Hamiltonian systems with dissipation
1436     H. Trommel, H.J. Veldman Long D_lambda-cycles in regular graphs
1437     E.J. Kuipers, H.J. Veldman Recognizing claw-free Hamiltonian graphs with large minimum degree
1438     E. Yanovskaya, T.S.H. Driessen Linear consistency of values for TU-games
1439     G.J. Still Approximation theory methods for solving elliptic eigenvalue problems
1440 P* R* J.L. Hurink, J. Keuchel Local search algorithms for a single-machine scheduling problem with positive and negative time-lags
1441     W. Albers Stop-loss premiums under dependence
1442     C.H. Driesen, J.G.M. Kuerten An accurate boundary-element method for Stokes flow in partially covered cavities
1443     M.J.J. Garvels, D.P. Kroese A comparison of RESTART implementations
1444     T.S.H. Driessen, T. Radzik Consistency la Hart and Mas-Colell of efficient, linear, and symmetric values for TU-games
1445     T.S.H. Driessen, T. Radzik, R.G. Wanink Weighted potential and consistency: a unified approach to values for TU-games (Revised version)
1446     R. van Buuren, J.G.M. Kuerten, B.J. Geurts Implicit time accurate simulation of unsteady flow
1447     A.L. Fradkov Exploring nonlinearity by feedback
1448     B.H. Gilding, J. Goncerzewicz Localization of solutions of exterior domain problems for the porous media equation with radial symmetry
1449 P* R* J.L. Hurink An exponential neighborhood for a one-machine batching problem
1450 P*   F. Kuijt, R.M.J. van Damme A linear approach to shape preserving spline approximation
1451     F. Gbel A note on a reconstruction problem for number sequences
1452 P*   F. Kuijt, R.M.J. van Damme Shape preserving $C^2$ interpolatory subdivision schemes
1453     C.R. Kuiper, H.J. Zwart All solutions of the algebraic Riccati equation for the wave equation
1454     J.E. Romate Analytical aspects of an artificial damping layer for the wave equation
1455     J.E. Romate Stability, consistency and convergence for discretizations of boundary integral equations
1456     J.W. van de Leur and R. Martini The construction of Frobenius manifolds from KP tau-functions
1457 P*   N. Dyn, F. Kuijt, D. Levin and R.M.J. van Damme Convexity preservation of the four-point interpolatory subdivision scheme
1458     M. Kriesell All 4-connected line graphs of claw free graphs are Hamiltonian connected
1459 P*   A.M. Holohan and G. Meinsma Inverse problems in 2-norm and infinity-norm controller synthesis
1460 P*   G.J. Still How to split the eigenvalues of a one-parameter family of matrices
1461 P*   F. Kuijt and R.M.J. van Damme Hermite-interpolatory subdivision schemes
1462 P*   J.A.M. Schreuder and J.D. Macfarlane A strategic approach for the ambulance covering of the province of Friesland
1463     M. Kriesell A degree sum condition for the existence of a contractible edge in a $\kappa$-connected graph
1464 P*   U. Faigle, W. Kern and J. Kuipers An efficient algorithm for nucleolus and prekernel computation in some classes of TU-games
1465 P* F* W. Albers, G.R.J. Arts and
W.C.M. Kallenberg
Simultaneous inspection of several product characteristics
1466 P*   R. Martini and G.F. Post Symmetries of the WDVV equations and Chazy-type equations
1467 P* R* T. Inglot, W.C.M. Kallenberg and
T. Ledwina
Vanishing shortcoming and asymptotic relative efficiency
1468 P*   U. Faigle and W. Kern An algebraic framework for the greedy algorithm with applications to the core and Weber set of cooperative games
1469 P*   F. Kuijt and R.M.J. van Damme Stability of subdivision schemes
1470 P*   G.J. Still Generalized semi-infinite programming: Numerical aspects
1471 P*   G. Meinsma, T. Iwasaki and M. Fu On stability robustness with respect to LTV uncertainties
1472 P*   P.H.M. Kersten and R. Martini Super Darboux-Egoroff equations and solutions
1473 P*   D. Djokovic and R.M.J. van Damme Best monitoring functions
1474 P*   C.H. Driesen, J.G.M. Kuerten and
H.K. Kuiken
Mass transport in a partially covered fluid-filled cavity
1475 P*   J.-I. Imura and A.J. van der Schaft Characterization of well-posedness of piecewise linear systems
1476 P*   M.M.G. Hunting, U. Faigle and W. Kern A Lagrangian relaxation approach to the edge-weighted clique problem
1477 P*   R.A. Sitters A short proof of a conjecture on the $T_r$-choice number of even cycles
1478 P*   G. Kloosterman and R.M.J. van Damme An orientation on surface reconstruction
1479 P*   H.J. Broersma and X. Li Some approaches to a conjecture on short cycles in digraphs
1480 P*   J.J. Bisschop, J.B.J. Heerink and
G. Kloosterman
A branch-and-bound methodology within algebraic modelling systems
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