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List of Memoranda 2006, nos. 1790 - 1814

1)  First Column is Hyperlink to Abstract
2)  P* in the second column is a hyperlink to the freely available publication in .pdf format;
     P denotes a .pdf file which is only accessible on the faculty's internal site;
3)  R* (F*) in the third column is a hyperlink to a revised (final) version.)

No: P  



1790 P*   R.J. Boucherie and N.M. van Dijk Monotonicity and error bounds for networks of Erlang loss queues
1791 P*   W. Albers and W.C.M. Kallenberg Improved data driven control charts
1792 P*   J.A. Bikker, L. Spierdijk, R.P.M.M. Hoevenaars and P.J. van der Sluis Forecasting market impact costs and identifying expensive trades
1793 P*   P.S. Bonsma Spanning trees with many leaves: new extremal results and an improved FPT algorithm
1794 P*   L. Spierdijk and M.H. Vellekoop Geography, culture, and religion: Explaining the bias in Eurovision song contest voting
1795 P*   T.S.H. Driessen Associated consistency and values for TU games
1796 P*   G. Xu, T.S.H. Driessen and H. Sun Matrix analysis for associated consistency in cooperative game theory
1797 P*   G. Xu and T.S.H. Driessen Matrix approach to the Shapley value and dual similar associated consistency
1798 P*   T.S.H. Driessen and C.-C. Hu Equivalence of consistency and bilateral consistency through converse consistency
1799 P*   T.S.H. Driessen and C.-C. Hu Two axiomatizations of the kernel of TU games: bilateral and converse reduced game properties
1800 P*   J.B. Timmer On superadditivity and convexity for cooperative games with random payoffs
1801 P*   T. Brueggemann, J.L. Hurink, T. Vredeveld and G.J. Woeginger Very large-scale neighborhoods with performance guarantees for minimizing makespan on parallel machines
1802 P*   T.J.M. Coenen, P.T.H. Goering, A. Jehangir, J.L. van den Berg, R.J. Boucherie, S.M. Heemstra de Groot, G.J. Heijenk, S.S. Dhillon, W. Lu, A. Lo, P.F.A. van Mieghem and I.G.M.M. Niemegeers Architectural aspects of QoS-aware personal networks
1803 P*   E. Bernsen, O. Bokhove and D. van der Sar Numerical prediction of rose growth
1804 P*   C. Hoede and H.J.W. Zandvliet On ising models
1805 P*   L. Pesch, A. Bell, H. Sollie, V.R. Ambati, O. Bokhove and J.J.W. van der Vegt hpGEM - A software framework for discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods
1806 P*   O.V. Nechaev, E.P. Shurina and M.A. Botchev Multilevel iterative solvers for the edge finite element solution of the 3D Maxwell equation
1807 P*   N. Litvak, W.R.W. Scheinhardt and Y. Volkovich In-degree and pagerank of web pages: Why do they follow similar power laws?
1808 P*   T. Brueggemann and J.L. Hurink Quality of move-optimal schedules for minimizing the vector norm of the workloads
1809 P*   W.C.M. Kallenberg Modeling dependence
1810 P*   D. Harutyunyan, F. Izsák, J.J.W. van der Vegt and M.A. Botchev Adaptive finite element techniques for the Maxwell equations using implicit a posteriori error estimates
1811 P*   V.R. Ambati and O. Bokhove Space-time discontinuous Galerkin discretization of rotating shallow water equations on moving grids
1812 P*   W. Albers, W.C.M. Kallenberg and V. Lukocius Small dependencies and large actuarial risks
1813 P*   D. Bauso and J.B. Timmer Robust dynamic cooperative games
1814 P*   C. Hoede and X. Wang On fuzzy concepts
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