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List of Memoranda 2001, nos. 1563 - 1612

1)  First Column is Hyperlink to Abstract
2)  P* in the second column is a hyperlink to the freely available publication in .pdf format;
     P denotes a .pdf file which is only accessible on the faculty's internal site;
3)  R* (F*) in the third column is a hyperlink to a revised (final) version.)

No: P  



1563 P*   W.R.W. Scheinhardt and B. Zwart A tandem fluid queue with gradual input
1564 P*   C. Hoede and S. Uttunggadewa An alternative proof of the nowhere-zero 6-flow theorem
1565 P*   G.J. Still Discretization in semi-infinite programming: The rate of approximation
1566 P*   P. Brucker, J.L. Hurink and S. Knust A polynomial algorithm for
$P|p_j = 1, r_j, outtree|\Sigma C_j$ and $P|p_j = 1,r_j, outtree, pmtn|\Sigma C_j$
1567 P*   P. Coolen- Schrijner and
E.A. van Doorn
The deviation matrix of a continuous-time Markov chain
1568 P*   C. Hoede Basic concepts in social sciences II
1569 P*   W. Albers and W.C.M. Kallenberg Are estimated control charts in control?
1570 P*   T.S.H. Driessen and E. Calvo A multiplicative potential approach to solutions for cooperative TU-games
1571 P*   T.S.H. Driessen and H. Sun A potential approach to solutions for set games
1572 P*   T.S.H. Driessen and H. Sun A uniform approach to semi-marginalistic values for set games
1573 P*   T.A. Althuis and F. Göbel Graph theoretic aspects of music theory
1574 P*   A.F. Bumb and W. Kern A simple dual ascent algorithm for the multilevel facility location problem
1575 P*   A.J. van der Schaft and
B.M. Maschke
Fluid dynamical systems as Hamiltonian boundary control systems
1576 P*   H.J. Broersma, L. Xiong
and K. Yoshimoto
Toughness and hamiltonicity in k-trees
1577 P*   P.C. Pop, W. Kern and G.J. Still An approximation algorithm for the generalized minimum spanning tree problem with bounded cluster size
1578 P*   R. Martini and G.F. Post The norm of an averaging operator
1579 P*   J.L. Hurink and S. Knust Tabu search algorithms for job-shop problems with a single transport robot
1580 P*   C.M.H. Kuijpers Cyclic machine scheduling with tool transportation - additional calculations
1581 P* R* E.A. van Doorn Associated polynomials and birth-death processes
1582 P*   O.V. Iftime and H.J. Zwart Nehari problems and equalizing vectors for infinite-dimensional systems
1583 P*   H. Susanto and B.W. van de Fliert Drying a liquid paint layer
1584 P*   E.A. van Doorn Representations for the rate of convergence of birth-death processes
1585 P*   B.H. Gilding and R. Kersner Travelling waves in nonlinear diffusion-convection-reaction
1586 P*   A.J. van der Schaft and
B.M. Maschke
Hamiltonian formulation of distributed-parameter systems with boundary energy flow
1587 P*   P.C. Pop The generalized minimum spanning tree polytope and related polytopes
1588 P*   C. Hoede and Z. Li Error patterns
1589 P*   A. Ule and R.J. Boucherie Adaptive dynamic channel borrowing in road-covering mobile networks
1590 P*   R.J. Boucherie, X. Chao and M. Miyazawa Arrival first queueing networks with applications in kanban production systems
1591 P*   F. Göbel Hoede-sequences
1592 P*   E.A. van Doorn On associated polynomials and decay rates for birth-death processes
1593 P* F* B.Z. Guo, H.J. Zwart and R.F. Curtain On the relation between stability of continuous- and discrete-time evolution via the Cayley transform
1594 P*   B.Z. Guo and H.J. Zwart Riesz spectral systems
1595 P*   R. Litjens and R.J. Boucherie Quality-of-Service differentiation in an integrated services GSM/GPRS network
1596 P*   N. Abdalla and R.J. Boucherie Blocking probabilities in mobile communications networks with time-varying rates and redialing subscribers
1597 P*   N. Llorca, J. Sánchez-Soriano, S. Tijs and J.B. Timmer The approximate f-core and the utopia payoff for infinite assignment games
1598 P* F* T. Inglot and W.C.M. Kallenberg Moderate deviations of minimum contrast estimators under contamination
1599 P* R* J.J.W. van der Vegt and
H. van der Ven
Space-time discontinuous Galerkin finite element method with dynamic grid motion for inviscid compressible flows. I. General formulation
1600 P* R* H. van der Ven and
J.J.W. van der Vegt
Space-time discontinuous Galerkin finite element method with dynamic grid motion for inviscid compressible flows. II. Efficient flux quadrature
1601 P* F* W.H.M. Zijm and Z.M. Avsar Capacitated two-indenture models for repairable item systems
1602 P*   S. Heragu, G. Meng, W.H.M. Zijm and J.C.W. van Ommeren Analysis of cellular manufacturing systems
1603 P*   S. Heragu and W.H.M. Zijm Design and performance evaluation of Agile manufacturing systems
1604 P* F* S. Heragu, G. Meng, W.H.M. Zijm and J.C.W. van Ommeren Design and analysis of reconfigurable layout systems
1605 P*   P. Brucker, S. Heitmann and J.L. Hurink How useful are preemptive schedules?
1606 P*   L. Xiong, H.J. Broersma and
C. Hoede
Subpancyclicity in the line graph of a graph with large degree sums of vertices along a path
1607 P*   N. van Foreest, M. Mandjes and W.R.W. Scheinhardt Performance analysis of heterogeneous interacting TCP sources
1608 P*   N. van Foreest, M. Mandjes and W.R.W. Scheinhardt Analysis of a feedback fluid model for heterogeneous TCP sources
1609 P*   O. Bokhove Two-dimensional magma-repository interactions
1610 P*   O. Bokhove Numerical modeling of magma-repository interactions
1611 P*   L. Xiong, H.J. Broersma and X. Li The hamiltonian index of a graph and its branch-bonds
1612 P*   M. Mandjes, D. Mitra and W.R.W. Scheinhardt Models of network access using feedback fluid queues
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