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List of Memoranda 2000, nos. 1510 - 1562

1)  First Column is Hyperlink to Abstract
2)  P* in the second column is a hyperlink to the freely available publication in .pdf format;
     P denotes a .pdf file which is only accessible on the internal site;
3)  R* (F*) in the third column is a hyperlink to a revised (final) version.)

No: P  



1510 P*   B.M.J. Maschke and
A.J. van der Schaft
Port controlled Hamiltonian representation of distributed parameter systems
1511 P*   M. Botke and C. Hoede A comparison of two ontologies of regions
1512 P*   H.J. Broersma and Z. Ryjácek Strengthening the closure concept in claw-free graphs
1513 P*   H.J. Broersma, S. Zhang, X. Li and L. Wang A fan type condition for heavy cycles in weighted graphs
1514 P*   H.J. Broersma, S. Zhang and X. Li A sigma3 type condition for heavy cycles in weighted graphs
1515 P*   P.B. Bruns Optimal maintenance strategies for systems with partial repair options and without assuming bounded costs
1516 P*   C. Hoede, X. Li, X. Liu and L. Zhang Knowledge graph analysis of some particular problems in the semantics of Chinese
1517 P*   J.C.M. Keijsper A vizing-type theorem for matching forests
1518 P*   P.B. Bruns Optimal strategies for a replacement model
1519 P*   T. Inglot and W.C.M. Kallenberg Moderate deviations of maximum likelihood estimators under alternatives
1520 P*   W.J. Grootjans, M. Hochstenbach, J.L. Hurink, W. Kern, M. Luczak, Q. Puite, J. Resing and F. Spieksma Cache as ca\$h can
1521 P*   Z.M. Avsar and W.H.M. Zijm Resource-constrained two-echelon inventory models for repairable item systems
1522 P* F* G.J. van Houtum and W.H.M. Zijm On the relation between cost and service models for general inventory systems
1523 P* F* N. Litvak, I. Adan, J. Wessels and W.H.M. Zijm Order picking in carousel systems under the nearest item heuristic
1524 P*   T.A. Althuis and F. Göbel Z-related pairs in microtonal systems
1525 P*   J.L. Hurink and S. Knust List scheduling in a parallel machine environment with precedence constraints and setup times
1526 P*   C. Hoede and L. Zhang Word graphs: The third set
1527 P*   C. Hoede and L. Zhang Structural parsing
1528 P*   C. Hoede, M. Kriesell and
S. Uttunggadewa
Construction of cycle double covers for certain classes of graphs
1529 P*   L.K. Hoevenaars and R. Martini WDVV equations for pure Super-Yang-Mills theory
1530 P*   J.L. Hurink, W. Kern and
W.M. Nawijn
Scheduling split-jobs on parallel machines
1531 P*   W.M. Nawijn Note on a tandem queue with delayed server release
1532 P*   O.V. Iftime and H.J. Zwart The standard $H_\infty$-suboptimal control problem for LTI infinite dimensional systems
1533 P*   G.F. Helminck and  J.W. van de Leur A geometric construction of the dual wavefunction of the $n$-component $KP$-hierarchy
1534 P*   G.F. Helminck The AKNS-hierarchy
1535 P*   G.F. Helminck and   J.W. van de Leur Darboux transformations for the KP hierarchy in the Segal-Wilson setting
1536 P*   D. Bauer, H.J. Broersma and E. Schmeichel More progress on tough graphs -- The Y2K report
1537 P*   J.C.M. Keijsper and M. Tewes Conditions for $\beta$-perfectness
1538 P*   T.J. Frederiks and G.J. Still Linear bilevel problems: Genericity results and an efficient method for computing local minima
1539 P*   H.J. Zwart and B. Jacob Disproof of an admissibility conjecture of Weiss
1540 P*   A.F. Bumb An approximation algorithm for the 2-level uncapacitated facility location problem
1541 P*   W. Kern and D. Paulusma Matching games: the least core and the nucleolus
1542 P*   P.C. Pop, W. Kern and
G.J. Still
The generalized minimum spanning tree problem
1543 P*   X. Li, S. Zhang and
H.J. Broersma
Directed paths with few or many colors in colored directed graphs
1544 P*   O. Stein and G.J. Still On generalized semi-infinite optimization and bilevel optimization
1545 P*   O.V. Iftime and H.J. Zwart J-spectral factorization and equalizing vectors
1546 P*   B. Jacob and H.J. Zwart Disproof of two conjectures of George Weiss
1547 P*   H.J. Zwart Sufficient conditions for admissibility
1548 P*   W.C.M. Kallenberg The penalty in data driven Neyman's tests
1549 P*   A.J. van der Schaft and
J.M. Schumacher
Compositionality issues in discrete, continuous and hybrid systems
1550 P*   P.B. Bruns A discounted model for a repairable system with continuous state space
1551 P*   G. Golo, A.J. van der Schaft and
C. Milosavljevic
Discretization of control law for a class of variable structure control systems
1552 P*   G.A.M. Jeurnink Algebras related to posets of hyperplanes
1553 P*   W.R.W. Scheinhardt Analysis of feedback fluid queues
1554 P*   P. Coolen- Schrijner and
E.A. van Doorn
On the convergence to stationarity of birth-death processes
1555 P*   G. Golo, P.C. Breedveld,
B.M. Maschke and A.J. van der Schaft
Geometric formulation of generalized bond graph models - Part I: Generalized junction structures
1556 P*   G.F. Helminck and J.W. van de Leur Geometric Bäcklund-Darboux transformations for the KP hierarchy
1557 P*   G.F. Post On the structure of graded transitive Lie algebras
1558 P*   T.S.H. Driessen and H. Meinhardt (Average-) convexity of common pool and oligopoly TU-games
1559 P*   W. Albers and W.C.M. Kallenberg Estimation in Shewhart control charts
1560 P*   L.K. Hoevenaars, P.H.M. Kersten
and R. Martini
Generalized WDVV equations for F4 pure N = 2 Super-Yang-Mills theory
1561 P*   T.S.H. Driessen Consistency and potentials in cooperative TU-games: Sobolev's reduced game revived
1562 P*   C. Hoede Basic concepts in social sciences I
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