(Revised 25 May 2007)


A Memorandum is an electronic publication of the discipline Applied Mathematics that is made available worldwide via the web site ( and the EEMCS EPrints Service ( Since 2007 the Memorandum series has ISSN 1874-4850.


New Memorandum


Each Memorandum should include a title, the name(s) of the author(s), and an abstract. Key words and MSC classifications may be added if desired. The author(s) of a Memorandum is (are) responsible for its contents.


To publish a new Memorandum the following steps have to be taken by (one of) the author(s):

-          Log in to your User Area in EPrints and click on "Begin a New Item".

-          Select "Internal Report" as "Item Type" on the first screen.

-          Complete the fields on the second screen ("Core Bibliographic Information") if appropriate. It is helpful to provide as much information as possible; fields marked with an asterisk must be entered.

-          Select "Memorandum" as "Report Type" on the third screen ("Publication Information"). As a result some fields will be automatically completed, including the field "Number". The latter will read "please assign" and should be left unchanged; a number will be assigned by the editor.

-          Add the abstract, number of pages and, if desired, keywords and MSC classifications on the fourth screen ("Miscellaneous").

-          Upload a pdf file of the full text of your Memorandum.

-          Click on the "Deposit Item Now" button.


The editor will check your submission and, if found in order, assign a number to it. A line of text will be added to the front page of your manuscript identifying it as a Memorandum. The resulting pdf file will then be uploaded to the EPrints repository and also be available from the Applied Mathematics web site. Paper copies of a Memorandum will not be provided.


Corrections, additions, new version


Once a Memorandum has been deposited in EPrints it is definite and cannot, in principle, be changed. However,

-          If you wish to make minor changes to an existing EPrints item (for example correct a spelling error, or add missing information), ask the editor to do so.

-          You can ask the editor to include additional information, for example a pdf file under the heading "revised version accepted for publication".

-          If you wish to deposit the (published) journal or conference version in EPrints of a Memorandum you have entered previously, click on "Review your items in the repository" in your User Area, and subsequently on "New Version" at the pertinent item.




Please contact the EPrints/Memorandum editor (Hil Meijer) if you have any questions.