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Since 1966, the Department of Applied Mathematics (currently a discipline of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science) of the University of Twente publishes a series of reports, known as Memoranda. A Memorandum is a mathematical report of which at least one of the authors is a staff member or a guest of the department. It contains new results or a survey of some area in mathematics. Most of the Memoranda are preprints of papers that the authors have submitted or will submit for publication elsewhere.
As of 2007, Memorandum 1815, the official ISSN of the Memorandum series is 1874-4850. (For earlier Memoranda, ISSN 0169-2690 was used.)

From 1998 onwards, starting with Memorandum 1426, all summaries are available on-line, while for most Memoranda the full text is accessible in pdf-format as well.

Our Memoranda are categorised per year, or can be searched via the EEMCS EPrints Service facility.

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