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We hope seeing you in Paris,
Ingo Bojak
Stephan van Gils
Sid Visser


One day workshop: Wednesday 17 July 2013

Neural mass and mean-field models describe the behavior of a neural network by considering the average behavior of large ensembles of neurons. This allows for a comparison with (macroscopic) experimental measurements such as EEG, fMRI and MEG. Since not all neurons are modeled individually, a distinct advantage of these lumped models is the reduction in dimensionality of both the parameter and variable space, which reduces computation time and makes possible the mathematical analysis of the model’s behavior.

Topics of ongoing research are, among others, the inclusion of additional neural mechanisms such as spike rate adaptation or bursting, investigating the effects of higher order statistics of the neural masses on the dynamics, the formal and/or computational correspondence between microscopic and macroscopic models, adapting models for different regions of the brain, describing pathologies and drug effects, and the development of new analytic tools for these systems.

In this workshop we wish to bring together researchers in the field who are excited to discuss the latest advances in the construction, analysis and application of neural mass models.