Master Thesis Projects (2 years Master of Sciences post-graduate Course)

The Master of Sciences is a potsgraduates course. After 2 years of study, the student must choose a Master Thesis Project. There are several possibbilities, i.e. within the Department or at one the many Companies in the Netherlands.

Here we give the last two projects: 

1999/2000: Hardy Bonatu Shiahaan,

"Parameter Estimation of Ship Maneuvering using Prediction Error Method",

    MARIN at Wageningen, (

Final presentation: 20 june, 2000.

Graduation Ceremony: 23 june, 2000.


2000/2001: Agoes Ariffin Moelja,

"System Identification in Ship Manoeuvering",

  MARIN at Wageningen, (

Final presentation: 19 june, 2001.

Graduation Ceremony: 22 june, 2001.