Shavarsh Nurijanyan
Shavarsh Nurijanyan

A Numerical Wave Tank for Complex Wave and Current Interaction

Funded by: STW

PhD: Shavarsh Nurijanyan

Supervisor: Onno Bokhove / Jaap van der Vegt

Collaboration: Leo Maas (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) )

Project description: Our aim is to develop a novel discontinuous Galerkin(DG) method for wave and current interaction in a wave basin based on Hamiltonian principles. This way DG discretization stems from a discrete Hamiltonian formulation as opposed to weak formulation. The advantage is that resulting numerical discretization will be symmetric and sparse, and the numerical scheme shows no decay in the amplitude of the waves. A comparison will be made with laboratory data of 3D inertial waves avalaible from NIOZ and wave tank data from Maritime Research Institute of Netherlands (MARIN). The whole project was divided into several stages with corresponding interim goals: development of Hamiltonian structure for linear and nonlinear problem, appropriate discretization of the Hamiltonian structures, implementation of the discretization in HpGEM software package and quality assurance against exact solutions (where possible) and available data from laboratory experiments .

Preliminary results: The application for (in)compressible fluid flow in rectangular parallelepiped is almost finished. You can spy on some simulations here: Compressible fluid flow with solid walls, Incompressible fluid flow with periodic boundary conditions.