Survey Statistics

This survey will be used as an example during Statistics courses for TI, BIT, Create and TBK, especially for applying the statistical program SPSS. Please, give serious answers!

studentnummer: s Your student number will not be visible in presentations
alias Create your own alias (max. 10 characters, see below).
sex (gender) male female
nationality Do you have the Dutch or an other nationality?
study programme Which bachelor programme are you studying at the moment?
number of children How many children do your parents have (number of brothers and sisters including yourself)?
housing with parents not with parents Do you live with your parents on weekdays?
travel time UT-home (in minutes) Estimate the (mean) time to travel from home to the University, e.g. 24 (minutes).
study time (in hours per week) How many hours per week did you spend on your study last module (estimated mean number of hours per week)?
colour What is your favourite colour?
Opinion on activism Opinion: "My programme leaves me sufficient time for private and extracurricular activities"
Opinion on TOM Opinion: "The TOM-rules, such as passing the complete 15 EC module in 10 weeks, are necessary and reasonable"
Recommend my programme Opinion: "I would recommend my study programme at this university to any interested student"
Length in cm Give your length rounded in cm, e.g. 182 (no dot, no comma, no unit!)
Weight in kg Give your weight, rounded in kilo's, e.g. 84
Shoe size Give your shoe size (European sizes, ranging from 35 to 50)
Laptop in Euro`s What was the price in Euro's of your present laptop/notebook when you purchased it? E.g. 640


Choose your own (easy to remember) alias, for example: Jevgenie, Bokita, Shanghai, Champion, Sukkel, XX2.