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Curiculum Vitae Dick Meijer

Files Course Applied Statistics

L1: Lecture notes Descriptive Statistics

L2: Lecture notes Regression and Correlation

L3: Lecture notes Probability Theory

L4: Lecture notes Basic Statistics

L5: Lecture notes 2 Sample Problems

L6: Lecture notes Cross tables and linear regression


Exercises L1: Descriptive Sattistics

Exercises L2:(regression) and answers exercises descriptive stats

Exercises L3: Probability Theory

Exercises L4: Basic Statistics

Exercises L5: 2 Sample problems

Exercises L6: Cross tables and linear regression (including answers)

Answers exercises

Answers Exercises Probability Theory (L3)

Answers Exercises Basic Statistics(L4)

Answers Exercises L5: 2 Sample problems

Assignments and solutions

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3


Starting Salaries (Univ Florida)

Production quantities of wheat A and B

Linear regression NOx

Waiting times and Testscores

questionnaire Dutch students

Tests and results

Marks Applied Statistics

Exam, May 26, 2009 and solutions

test 1, April 7, 2009 and solutions

Information test 1

Files Course Calculus I

Basic Maths Formulas (precalculus)

Basic Functions (chapter 1 Stewart)

Limits, Continuity and Derivatives (chapter 2 Stewart)

Differentiation (chapter 3/4 Stewart)

Exercises and answers

Exercises A,B and D and 1.1-13

Exercises 2: functions, inclusing answers to exercise 1 and 2

Exercises Limits, Continuity and Derivatives

Answers exercises Limits, Continuity and Derivatives

Exercises Differentiation and answers

Assignment and solution

Assignment limits and derivatives, including the solutions

Tests and results

Marks Calculus I

Exam Limits and derivatives May 26, 2009

test 1 and solutions: basic math and functions

Trial Exam Calculus I: Limits and Derivatives and solutions

Selftest basic math and functions

Files Course Probability and Statistics I

Calculus for P&S I

L1: Lecture notes: intro, combinatorics and conditional probability

L2: Lecture notes: Distributions

L3: Lecture notes: Joint disributions

L4: Lecture notes: Basics Statistics


Exercises L1 intro, combinatorics and conditional probability

Exercises L2 Distributions

Exercises L3 Joint Distributions

Exercises L4 Basics Statistics

Answers to excercises

Answers Exercises L1 intro, combinatorics, conditional probability and discrete distributions

Answers Exercises L2 discrete and continuous distributions

Answers Exercises L3 joint distributions

Answers Exercises L4 Basics Statistics

Assignments and solutions

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Tests and results

Marks Probability and Statistics I

Exam, May 29, 2009 and solutions

test 1, April 3, 2009 and solutions

Information exam Probability and Statistics I, including trial exam (and, later, solutions)

Information test 1, including trial test and solutions