General Topics

Numerical continuation of travelling waves/pulses in neural field models: During a visit to S. Coombes (Fall 2011), I have been able to show it is possible and the next challenge is to determine spectral stability in general. Several student projects on applications to epilepsy (B. Kiewiet, J. Hebbink), binocular rivalry (W. Woldman), migraine.


From neural mass models to clinical protocols

Supervision of PhD-student Jurgen Hebbink in the ZonMW-project. See our blog for more information, and our Twente Seconds Movie .

PaInsight: Parameter Identification of the Nociceptive System for Improved monitoring of chronic pain development

Supervision of PhD-student Huan Yang in the STW-project Painsight. Modelling parts of the nociceptive system and parameter estimation for improved clinical tools. Funded by STW


2008-2013: Modelling neural activity in Parkinson's Disease and Deep Brain Stimulation. Together with M.A.J. Lourens. See also Braingain.
2007-2009: Modelling cognitive dynamics of the saltation phenomenon, EEG activity during Pulse-Train modulation as part of Somaps.
2005-2008: Analysis of unfoldings of local codim 2 bifurcations and their perturbations. Derivation and implementation of algorithms for center manifold computations: derive nondegeneracy conditions and implement branch-switching to codim 1 bifurcations of cycles in ODE's and maps.