Recent publications


A. Suryanto, E van Groesen, M. Hammer & H. Hoekstra,

A finite element scheme to study the response of a finite grating without and with defects, Optical and

Quantum Electronics 35(2003)313-332

H. Uranus, H. Hoekstra &  E van Groesen,

Finite difference scheme for planar waveguides with arbitrary index profiles and its implementation for

anisotropic waveguides, Optical and Quantum Electronics 35(2003)

E. van Groesen,

Variational modelling for integrated optical devices, Proceedings 4th IMACS-symposium on Mathematical Modelling,

TU Vienna, 5-7 February 2003, pp. 76-82

P. Peterson,  T. Soomere, J. Engelbrecht & E. van Groesen

                Interaction soliton as a possible model for  extreme waves, accepted  Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics. 2003



Andonowati & E. van Groesen (eds): EPAM General Meeting July 1-4 2002, in Proceedings Institut Teknologi Bandung 34

2002, 309-391

N. Karjanto, E. van Groesen & P. Peterson, Investigation of the maximum amplitude increase from the Benjamin-

Feir instability, MIHMI (Journal Indonesian Mathematical Society)  8(2002)39-47

H. Uranus, H. Hoekstra & E. van Groesen,

                Analysis of  integrated optical waveguides, MIHMI (Journal Indonesian Mathematical Society)  8(2002)49-62

Andonowati & E van Groesen:

Similarities between optical and surface water waves,  MIHMI (Journal Indonesian Mathematical Society) 8(2002)1-8

E. van Groesen, E. Cahyono & A. Suryanto,

Uni-directional models for narrow and broad pulse propagation in second order nonlinear media, Optical and Quantum Electronics 34(2002)577-595

A. Suryanto and E. van Groesen,

                Break up of bound-N-spatial-soliton in a ramp waveguide, Optical and Quantum Electronics 34(2002)597-606

E. van Groesen,  J. Westhuis 

                Modelling and simulation of surface water waves, Journal Mathematics and Computer in Simulation 59(2002)341-360

E. van Groesen, Andonowati & R. Huijsmans,

MATHLAB, Mathematical support for hydrodynamic Laboratories, Highlight Annual Report 2001 National Research

School for Fluid Dynamics J.M. Burgers Centre, 2002,  35-36


E van Groesen, T. Nusantara & E. Soewono,

      Large variations in NLS bi-soliton wave groups, Optical and Quantum Electronics 33,  pp 499 - 512 (2001)

A. Suryanto and E. van Groesen,

      On the swing effect of spatial inhomogeneous NLS soliton, J. Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials 10 (2001) 143-152 

A. Suryanto, E. van Groesen & H.J.W.M. Hoekstra,

Deformation of modulated wave groups in third-order nonlinear media, Optical and Quantum Electronics 33(2001) 513 - 525

P. Peterson & E. van Groesen

Sensitivity of the inverse wave crest problem, Wave Motion, 34 (2001)391-399

J. Westhuis, E. van Groesen, R.H.M. Huijsmans    

Experiments and Numerics of Bichromatic Wave Groups Jrnl. Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering 127 (2001)334-342

W.L. IJzerman, E. van Groesen,

      Low-dimensional model for vortex merging in the two-dimensional temporal mixing layer, European Journal of

       Mechanics, B/fluids, 20 (2001)  821-840.


P. Peterson  and E. van Groesen

A direct and inverse problem for wave crests modelled by interactions of two solitons, Phys. D, 141, (2000) 316-332

R. Stoffer, H.J.W.M. Hoekstra, R.M. de Ridder, E. van Groesen, F.P.H. van Beckum,

Numerical studies of 2D photonic crystals: Waveguides, coupling between waveguides and filters, Optical and Quantum Electronics, 32, (2000), 947-961

J. Westhuis, E. van Groesen and R.H.M. Huijsmans,

Long Time Evolution of Unstable Bichromatic Waves, 15th International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating  Bodies, editor: T. Miloh, Tel Aviv,  2000, pp. 184-187. ISBN 965-274-288-0


E. van Groesen, Andonowati & E. Soewono

Non-linear effects in bi-chromatic surface waves, Proc. Estonian Acad. Sci, Phys.Math..48 (1999) 206-229

E. Cahyono, E. van Groesen & Andonowati

Predicting wave field evolutions in towing tanks, Proc. ITB, 31 (1999) 331 - 339

S.R. Pudjaprasetya, E. van Groesen & E. Soewono

The splitting of solitary waves over shallower water, Wave Motion, 29(1999) 375-389

R. Stoffer, P.A.A.J. Bollerman, H.J.W.M. Hoekstra, E. van Groesen, F.P.H. van Beckum,

New true fourth-order accurate scalar beam propagation methods for both TE and TM polarization, Optical and Quantum Electronics 31 (1999) 705-720

R. Stoffer, R.M. de Ridder, H.J.W.M. Hoekstra, E. van Groesen, F.P.H. van Beckum, A. Driessen,

Calculations on 2-dimensional Waveguides in Photonic Crystals, Proceedings IEEE/LEOS Annual Meeting, November 1999, San Francisco, USA, pp. 421-422, ISSN 1092-8081



E. van Groesen, R. Huijsmans

          LabMath: support for wave generation in hydrodynamics laboratories, in Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Advanced and Aerospace Science & Technology in Indonesia, IAAI, Jakarta, Indonesia, September 1998, pp 197-201.

Jamaluddin, E. Cahyono, E. van Groesen, Andonowati

          Wave Generation at IHL, in Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Advanced and Aerospace Science & Technology in Indonesia, IAAI, Jakarta, Indonesia, September 1998, pp 209-208.

E. van Groesen, F.S. Widoyono & T. Nusantara

      Modelling waves in a towing tank, Int. J. Indonesian Math. Soc.  4 (1998) pp 55-68

E. van Groesen

      Wave groups in unidirectional surface wave models'', J. Eng.Math 34 (1998) pp 215-226

E. van Groesen

          WKB-and SVE- approximative methods for slowly varying nonlinear dielectric media'', Optical and Quantum Electronics 30 (1998) pp 467 - 474



Selection from older publications

E.F.G. van Daalen, E. van Groesen & S.R. Pudjaprasetya

          BEM-numerics and KdV-model analysis for solitary wave split-up, Computational Mechanics, 19 (1997) 179--187

E van Groesen & E. Soewono (eds.)

Differential equations: Theory, Numerics and Applications, proceedings of International Conference on Differential Equations, held in Bandung, Indonesia, september 29 -- October 2, 1996; Kluwer Academic Publishers, November 1997, 389 pages; ISBN 0-7923-4831-1.

S.R. Pudjaprasetya & E. van Groesen:

          Uni-directional waves over slowly varying bottom, part II: Deformation of travelling waves'', Wave Motion, 23(1996) pp 23-38.

E. Fledderus & E. van Groesen

          Perturbations of coherent structures, invited contribution,  Rep.Prog.Phys. 59 (1996) pp 511-600

E. Fledderus & E. van Groesen:

          Quasi-homogeneous critical swirling flows in expanding pipes'', part II, J.Math.Anal.Appl., 199 (1996) 676-698.

G. Derks & E. van Groesen

          Dissipation in Hamiltonian systems: decaying cnoidal waves'', SIAM J. Math. Anal., 27(1996), pp 1424-1447

E. van Groesen, B. van de Fliert & E. Fledderus:

      Quasi-homogeneous critical swirling flows in expanding pipes, Part I,  J. Math. Anal. Appl., 192 (1995) pp 764-788

E. van Groesen& E.M. de Jager

          Mathematical structures in continuous dynamical systems, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 631 pg, 1994.

B.W. van de Fliert & E. van Groesen

      On variational principles for coherent vortex structures, Appl. Sci.Res. 51 (1993) 399 -- 403.

E. van Groesen & S.R. Pudjaprasetya

          Uni-directional waves over slowly varying bottom, part I: Derivation of a KdV-type of equation, Wave Motion 18(1993) 345 -- 370.

E. van Groesen

      Symmetry methods in Symmetry-broken systems, Lect. Appl.Math.  29 (1993)413 -- 424.

G. Derks & E. van Groesen:

Energy propagation in dissipative systems, part II: Centrovelocity for nonlinear wave equations; Wave Motion 15 (1992) 159--172.

E. van Daalen, J. Broeze & E. van Groesen

          Variational principles and conservation laws in the derivation of radiation boundary conditions for wave equations; Math. of Comp. 58 (1992) 55--71.

E. van Groesen:

Periodic and quasi-periodic Hamiltonian motions as relative equilibria: in proceedings Geometry and analysis in nonlinear dynamics, eds. Broer & Takens, Longman/Pitman 1992, 22--33.

B. van de Fliert & E. van Groesen

      Monopolar vortices as relative equilibria and their dissipative decay, Nonlinearity 5 (1992) 473--495.

E. van Groesen & R. Verstappen

A dynamic variation principle for elastic-fluid contacts, applied to Elast-Hydrodynamic Lubrication theory, Int. J. eng. Sci. 28 (1990) 99-113.

T.P. Valkering & E. van Groesen

Decay and resonance of coherent structures, in: ``Nonlinear dynamics in Engineering Systems'', W. Schielen (ed.) Springer 1990, pp. 329-335.

E. van Groesen & F. Mainardi

      Balance Laws and Centro-velocity in Dissipative systems, J. Math. Phys., 31 (1990) 2136-40.

E. van Groesen, F.P.H. van Beckum & T.P. Valkering:

      Decay of travelling waves in dissipative Poisson systems, ZAMP 41(1990) 501-523.

R. Verstappen & E. van Groesen:

On the consistent formulation and approximation of EHL theory, J. of Tribology 111 (1989) 108--113.

E. van Groesen:

The self-organization principle for 2D Navier-Stokes equations, in proceedings MIDIT Workshop on ``Structure, Coherence and Chaos in dynamical systems'', P.L. Christiansen & R.D. Parmentier (eds.), Manchester Univ. Press, 1989, pp. 481--484.

A. Eydeland & E. van Groesen:

An extended self-organization principle for modelling and calculating the dissipation of 2D confined vortices, Nonlinearity 2 (1989) 459--475.

E. van Groesen & F. Mainardi:

Energy propagation in dissipative systems, part I, Centrovelocity for linear systems Wave Motion 11 (1989) 201--209.

E. van Groesen:

A deterministic approach towards self-organization in continuous media, Contemp. Math. 99 (1989) 259--276.

F. Mainardi & E. van Groesen:

      Energy propagation in Linear Hyperbolic Systems, Part I, Nuovo Cimento 104 (1989) 487--496.

M. Hazewinkel, R.M.M. Mattheij & E. van Groesen

     Proceedings of the First European Symposium on Mathematics in Industry, Teubner and Kluwer,             1988, ISBN 90-277-2730-9.

E. van Groesen

     Analytical mini-max methods for Hamiltonian brake orbits of prescribed energy, J. Math. Anal.Appl.  132 (1988) 1--12.

E. van Groesen

      Time-asymptotics and the selforganization hypothesis for 2D Navier-Stokes equations,  Physica  148a (1988)  312--330.

E. van Groesen

The value function of a modified Jacobi functional, in Proceedings NATO ARW ``Periodic solutions of Hamiltonian systems'', P.H. Rabinowitz (ed.) Reidel, Dordrecht, 1987, pp. 255--260

E. van Groesen

On small period, large amplitude normal modes of natural Hamiltonian systems,  Nonlinear Anal. TMA.  10 (1986) pp 41--53.

E. van Groesen

     Duality between period and energy of certain periodic Hamiltonian motions,  J. London Math. Soc.  34 (1986) pp 435--448.

E. van Groesen

Over bergpassen tot een Godsbewijs?, in CWI-syllabus 7, CWI Amsterdam, 1985, pp. 237--245, reprinted from W&N-bulletin, Univ. Nijmegen, April 1985.

E. van Groesen

Applications of natural constraints in critical point theory to boundary value problems on domains with rotation symmetry, Arch. Math.  44 (1985) pp 171--179.

E. van Groesen

Existence of multiple normal mode trajectories on convex energy surfaces of even, classical Hamiltonian systems,  J. Diff. Eq.  57 (1985) pp 70--89.

J. Brox, G. Vertogen & E. van Groesen

On the field-induced cholesteric-nematic transition in cholesteric liquid crystals with homeotropic boundary conditions,  Z. Naturforsch.  381 (1983) pp 1--9.

E. van Groesen

     On normal modes in classical Hamiltonian systems,  J. Nonlin. Mech.  18 (1983) pp 55--70.

G. Vertogen & E. van Groesen

     The field induced instability in the planar texture of cholestric liquid crystals,  J. Chem. Phys  76 (1982) pp 2043--2046.

L.S. Frank & E. van Groesen

Singular perturbations of an elliptic operator with discontinuous nonlinearity, in ``Analytical and numerical approaches to asymptotic problems in analysis'', O. Axelsson, L.S. Frank & A. v.d. Sluis (eds.), North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1981, pp. 289--303.

E. van Groesen

     Bifurcating electric wires,  Appli. Sci. Res.  37 (1981)  pp 53--65.

E. van Groesen

     Unidirectional wave propagation in one-dimensional first order Hamiltonian systems,  J. Math.Phys.  21 (1980) pp 1646--1655.

E. van Groesen

     Variational methods in Mathematical Physics, Ph.D.-thesis, Eindhoven University of Technology, December 1978.

L.J.F. Broer & E. van Groesen

     Simple wave interaction of an elastic string,  Rheol. Acta 16Z (1977) pp 161--168.

L.J.F. Broer, E. van Groesen & J.M.W. Timmers

     Stable model equations for long water waves,  Appl. Sci. Res.  32 (1976) pp 619--636.

E. van Groesen

Variational methods for nonlinear operator equations, Chapter X, pp. 100--191 in ``Nonlinear Analysis'', N.M. Temme (ed.),  MC-syllabus 26.2, Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam, 1976.



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