Most recent Lecture Notes and Course Material (pdf)

(Van Groesen, February 2005)


Collection of some of my ‘old’ lecture notes.

UT-LN are lecture notes that have been used (in various forms) at University of Twente (obliged for students in the specialisation Applied Analysis & Mathematical Physics).

Seminar Notes are (sometimes very raw) reading material distributed to participants of the yearly seminar at UT-AAMP. Depending on the topics treated, explanatory material may be very minimal, and mainly consists of exercises.

Other Course Notes are lecture notes prepared for courses given at various places at various instants.





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UT-Lecture Notes



AAM-part 1

Applied Analytical Methods, part 1: Basic Variational Structures & Methods, 2001

1315 KB


Applied Analytical Methods, part 2: Evolution equations with variational structure, 2000

479 KB


Advanced Modelling in Science, 2000

1173 KB;
Extended into: Advanced Modelling in Science, book with J. Molenaar, 2006 to appear

UT-Seminar Mathematical Physics




3 Lectures on Optics

667 KB


Variational modelling for integrated optical devices

300 KB



67 KB


Variational Boussinesq Model

1810 KB

LN other Courses



Optics 2001

Lectures on Mathematical Optics, Bandung, Indonesia

816 KB

LN Variational Methods-Optics 2001

Supporting Lecture Notes about basic methods and structures

533 KB

Free Surface Waves 2001

LN for course ‘LabMath’ Bandung, Indonesia 2001

605 KB

Variational Methods in Science 2002

Course Bandung Indonesia, 2002

1283 KB

Waves in fluid and optics 2002

Theoretical and numerical aspects of

Nonlinear Wave Propagation

in surface waves and optics; Course UTM Malaysia 2002


605 KB

Wave reflector 2002


Constructing a wave reflector to protect beaches? Modelling assignment for

Instructional Workshop Industrial Mathematics, 2002, IITBombay India

103 KB