ruud van damme


i am a member of the chair numerical analysis and computational mechanics (nacm) in the department of applied mathematics of the university of twente

short curriculum

ruud van damme was born in 1955 in breda, the netherlands. he obtained a masters degree in theoretical physics with major in mathematics at the (state) university of utrecht. he obtained his phd in theoretical physics in 1984, on a topic from field theory (elementary particle physics), with supervisor nobel prize winner gerard 't hooft. he was a postdoc first at leiden university, and after that he worked at the university of twente at various departments (physics, computer science and mathematics). his main interests lie in the field of computational methods, occurring in fields such as fluid mechanics, graph theory, quantum mechanics and technical processes. his research concentrates on advanced numerical techniques and their application, such as splines and wavelets, (discontinuous) galerkin methods and linear algebra. currently, dr. van damme is associate professor in numerical analysis at the university twente. he is (co)-author of around 100 papers on varying subjects, mostly in the field of physics, chemistry and mathematics. he is co-author of a book on splines and wavelets.